At the Greenfield Pre-School, everything from the environment to the routine is carefully considered and planned for, to ensure our children have a smooth transition to Greenfield Primary School or any other primary school you may have chosen for your child.

Our transition timetable for 2024

Story sessions - April to May

Our Foundation Stage teacher will be joining us in pre-school to read stories to the children. Later on in the term, the children will spend some time listening to stories in the Foundation Stage classrooms.
Playground playtimes - May to June
The children will visit the Foundation Stage playground and the toys/equipment that they will use when they start school. They will have time to play and explore with the current pre-school staff.
Stay and Play Classroom visits - May to July
During May, the children will be invited to stay and play for an afternoon with a parent/carer in one of our Foundation Stage classrooms, alongside school starters from other pre-schools. The children will then continue to visit the classrooms until the end of term.
Transition parents' evening - June
During the summer term parents will be invited to a parents' evening to discuss their child's development and progress. We will also discuss the upcoming transition, offer suggestions in preparation for the transition and answer any questions you may have.
What if my child is not going to be going to Greenfield?
Children will still be included in some of the sessions as it will build their confidence and experience with new environments and change. Teachers from all other schools that children are going to will be invited to visit pre-school as well as a telephone consultation to discuss your child's needs and interest.
What we do to help your child 
This could be as simple as our carpets with bottom spots, which are found not only in our Pre-School classrooms but our foundation classrooms at Greenfield. We plan into our daily routine activities or tasks such self-registration, which are practised ready for children to independently accomplish this at school.
Familiarisation with 'big school'

The children at Pre-School have opportunities to play with and use the facilities within Greenfield Primary school, helping them to familiarise themselves with rooms and environments prior to starting school. They will have their dinner in the dinner hall to allow them to be confident within this environment and recognise the staff serving their dinners. The children also access the hall for our Active Bean sessions which are similar to the PE sessions that the children will take part in when at school.
Forest School

Another exciting opportunity the children will experience in Foundation Stage and at the Pre-School, is our Forest School programme. The children explore our school woodland area and participate in Forest School sessions. Forest schools help build life-long skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, independence, team work, resilience and learning boundaries. At Greenfield we feel these skills are of the upmost importance and are some of the key ingredients to creating successful life-long learners. 
Meet my Teacher

Children who attend our Pre-School also have extra opportunities to meet our Foundation Stage teachers and also visit the Foundation Stage as it is directly next to the Pre-School. Our Lead Teacher, Hannah Toplis, works closely with all the Foundation Stage teachers and meets with them regularly to ensure all key information is passed on. She works carefully alongside the teaching staff to help plan and support a smooth transition for all our children. 

Other schools
Hannah will also invite teachers from other primaries to meet your child in the setting, observe them and share key information. This ensures that all of our children get a smooth handover to the next stage of their school life regardless of where they go next. 
At Greenfield Pre-School promoting children to be happy, confident and independent learners is always at the forefront of everything we do and the provision we do. As we know this will not only put them in good stead for starting school but also for life beyond.
Transition care
We aim to support working parents and know that the timetable of transition to school may mean that some children will require care inbetween their part time sessions. If you would like to book transition sessions during the first two weeks of school, please contact the school office.
Please click on the link below for our transition fees for 2024. Please note that FEEE funding cannot be used for transition fees and fees are to be paid in full by 31st July for autumn term sessions. Childcare vouchers and tax free childcare can be used in the usual way.