Greenfield Music Curriculum

Our music curriculum supports Greenfield’s commitment to spiritual, moral, social and cultural education linked to the Every Child Matters school development priorities.

Extra Curricular Music

The school has a large orchestra, two djembe drum clubs, a samba band, a choir, recorder groups, ocarina groups, a brass band, a performing arts group and steel pan groups. Currently around 200 pupils receive instrument lessons each week, with around 180 children involved in musical clubs taught by Greenfield staff. We regularly perform in the local community at fetes, festivals, concerts and projects. We have strong links with Countesthorpe College and attend choral and orchestral days where children perform together with children from local family of schools.
Our music curriculum is linked to other curriculum areas which makes the teaching of music much more relevant and purposeful to the children. For example, in Year 5, a key geography topic is ‘The Rainforest’. Therefore, the music topic taught alongside is Samba; music originating in Brazil, home to 60% of the Amazon Rainforest. This helps to give children a flavor of the culture and links directly with other learning across the curriculum. There is strong evidence of listening, performing and composing in curriculum music. Each year group is taught singing materials which link directly to history topics. The words consist of historical facts, and the music and instrumentation reflect the traditional musical styles of specific historical periods. There are opportunities for harmony and two-part singing. This ensures that good quality singing is happening in each year group.

Key Stage 1

Music is thriving in KS1. Children can opt to receive lessons in recorders and ocarinas, and there is a djembe drumming club available to any children who wish to join. Some children choose to start formal instrument lessons in Year 2.

Key Stage 2

Music continues to flourish throughout KS2 with many children participating in extra curricular activities and each class performing to the whole school throughout the year. During 2015 – 16, the school paid for Year 4 children to receive whole class Steel Pan and Brass band tuition. These hours of musical tuition were delivered by a specialist throughout the year. The projects were extremely successful and ensured that all children regardless of social background had the same chance to enjoy the privilege of music making (this was supported by pupil premium funding). Performance opportunities included assemblies, school concerts, school fair and community events. During 2016 – 17, the project will continue with the new Year 4s and the Year 5 Steel Pan Band will continue with their club.

Greenfield’s Musical Journey books

Each child has a ‘Musical Journey’ book, which they will take with them to their next class. It contains examples of their classroom and extra-curricular musical and performance experiences.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

We have a skilled and experienced team of peripatetic teachers teaching over 18 different musical instruments each week:


Josephine Markham Gmus ARCM is an experienced piano teacher teaching at Greenfield and other schools in the area, with a high level of pass rate from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College exams. She has studied at Trinity College of Music, London and has a Licentiate Diploma in teaching and a degree in Music. She teaches from beginner to diploma standard on piano and clarinet with many past pupils carrying on successfully to a musical career at university. Theory/ aural tests are also included in lessons with a fun and enjoyable approach to teaching that aids learning.
To contact Jo please email:

Violin Lessons

Sally Smith teaches both the violin and the viola at many schools in Leicestershire including Greenfield. She many years of teaching experience and also plays her viola regularly. Sally runs many ensembles and encourages her pupils to participate in group playing. As Sally was brought up in Leicestershire, attending Blaby Stokes, Leysland High School and Countesthorpe College, she is keen to keep the history of high standard instrumental playing in schools alive.
Contact details: email

We also offer lessons for guitar, percussion, drum kit, keyboard, brass, voice, flute, fife, ocarina, recorder saxophone and clarinet. Please ask Mrs. Turner if you would like a letter with information about how to apply for any of these lessons.