Applying for a place 

Greenfield Pre-School is open from 7.45am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, all year round apart from bank holidays and the school Christmas break. For the primary school holidays, please see Term Dates under the Parents tab.

As soon as your child turns two, they can start at the pre-school, if we have a space. 

Your child can start at any point of the year but as demand for places is high, we recommend you add your child's name to the waiting list as early as possible. You can do this following your child's first birthday. 

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Eligibility for Government Funded Hours – Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE)

From 1st September 2017, nationally and across Leicestershire, subject to parents’ meeting the criteria, all three and four year olds are entitled to 30 hours of free early learning and childcare per week for 38 weeks (term-time) of the year (30 hours’ x 38 weeks of term-time = 1,140 hours). This entitlement begins the term after your child’s third birthday. Eligibility must be checked by a parent/carer every term here. It is a parent/carer responsibility to ensure their child is eligible and obtain the eligibility code from the Childcare Choices website. The pre-school is not responsible for any errors in eligibility codes and if a child is found to be not eligible for funding, parents/carers are required to pay the full fees.

You can obtain more information on help with childcare costs here. 

A child born between:

Will be eligible for a free place from:

1st April and 31st August

The start of the autumn term after their 3rd birthday until statutory school age.

1st September and 31st December

The start of the spring term after their 3rd birthday until statutory school age.

1st January and 31st March

The start of the summer term after their 3rd birthday until statutory school age.

This does not stop a child taking up a place as soon as he/she turns three but it must be fully funded by parents/carers until the FEEE entitlement the following term.

The free entitlement is term time only (38 weeks) but for parents who require all-year care, we can spread the entitlement over 50 weeks, known as a stretched offer. Please contact us if you wish to look at this.

Parental Statement of Undertaking Form

Parents are required to complete a Parental Statement of Undertaking (PSOU) form, stating how many hours of funding parents wish to claim. This form must be completed at registration and if there are any later changes to funded sessions. Parents will also need to provide their child’s birth certificate when registering their child for the first time.


If you wish to register your child for a place, please download and complete the registration forms below. Our Sessions and Fees form will show you the sessions we offer.  Then return these by email to or hand in to the school office.

Once we have these we will contact you to confirm your child's place. If we cannot offer your child a place their name will be added to the waiting list and we will contact you once a space becomes available.

GPS Pupil registration form

Sessions & Fees 2018-19

GPS Session Booking form 2018-2019

GPS Parental Statement of Undertaking

EYPP voluntary registration form

GPS All about me

GPS A picture for my teacher

Medical Diet request form SFS

Uniform Pre-School

For more information please see our Admissions and Charging policy:

Admissions and Charges GPS 2018-19

Parent communication

At Greenfield Primary, we use a parent e-communications system called Parentmail PMX. Pre-School parents will be sent a text or email invite to register for the system once your child starts with us. This is a secure online system that enables parents to receive letters by email, text reminders and updates, pay for invoices and trips online and report absence. Parentmail works best using the free app available for android and iphones. You can see more about how it works by clicking here.

If you have a child at Greenfield and are already set up on Parentmail, your pre-school child will be automatically added.