Providing a happy

and vibrant education

Caring and supportive

stimulating and structured environment

Nurturing the talents

and potential of each individual

As a Head teacher I have always been principled about learning. I am a learner, I love to learn and I am delighted to lead a school and staff team which is happy to explore new ideas and to continually develop our practice. 

Greenfield Primary School is a creative school because I believe that learning happens when children have to think hard.  I ensure that within our curriculum there is time and space in which they can be creative.  Learning and achievement are recognised in the widest possible sense and our pupils have all kinds of talents and skills...


Our Vision

To inspire with the joy of lifelong learning.


We aim for every child to have a happy and vibrant education at Greenfield one that is caring and supportive, working in a stimulating and structured environment, where all children are encouraged to reach their full potential. Each child is valued as a unique individual.

News and Announcements


Greenfield Online Resources

Children can use their usernames/passwords to login to Accelerated Reader, Education City, Mathletics, and TTRockstars. Some pupils have reported problems finding the exact site details (specifically with Accelerated Reader or TTRockstars)

These addresses are the specific pages for Greenfield students:

Accelerated Reader is

Education City is

Mathletics is

TT Rockstars is



Greenfield Covid-19 Update


PTFA Events 2020

The next two terms have quite a few PTFA events!
  • Colour Run- Saturday 27th June.
  • Discos- 2nd April
  • Mother’s Day Secret Room- 20th March
  • Father’s Day Secret Room- 19th June
  • Bags 2 School early in the summer term, bags to be given out before Easter holiday

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